The Project Hydra

Project overview

The First Community-Led Cardano Launchpad 100% Funded by CNFTs

We are a DOXXED long-term project, focused on developing.

Imagine minting a single project once and benefiting from many other projects released later. Seems interesting? It was from this idea that Project Hydra was born. Our team has been designing Hydra Launchpad for over a year now and we are convinced that it is possible to build a community strong enough to fund and launch projects with all the support needed to make this the next Bluechip.

Raising Funds for the Financing Treasury

The Hydra Project will mint a unique collection that will guarantee its Holders access to an innovative platform. The value raised from the mint will constitute a funding treasury — Holders will have the voting power to elect which projects are funded and launched through Hydra Launchpad. The rarity of your Hydra Pass (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond) will define which benefits you will get from the financed projects: which can range from Whitelist in the presale of tokens to the airdrop of CNFTs and passive income on a portion of the sales profit.

How will this be sustainable in the long term?

Hydra-funded projects will start far ahead of most. The analysis filter will select only the best and most promising teams and ideas. Developers will benefit from numerous financial advantages and technical support from Hydra. DOXX is a mandatory requirement. We will have an experienced team monitoring every detail of the chosen projects. Funding can be used to promote/pay artists/programmers or hold events and other actions that will leverage all the team's actions. When launched, part of everything this project builds will go to our Holders, but another portion will still be offered to the general public. The intention is to make it perform as well as possible to refund the financing amount and make it move on to the next project.

The $HYDRA Token - The icing on the cake

Holders of Hydras Passes will also be able to claim their Hydra Eggs and participate in the $HYDRA Farm System - a high utility token that will make up the rich Hydra Platform Ecosystem. You will be able to mint CNFTs and buy tokens from partner projects by paying with $HYDRA. We will have high liquidity pools trading pairs like: HYDRA/PARTNER TOKEN. The $HYDRA token is deflationary and has several built-in burn systems to keep its value always attractive. To maintain transparency and make it easy to track and monitor your transactions, the $HYDRA supply is only 1M. Its Tokenomics is objectively organized, all supply will be allocated in PUBLIC and TRACEABLE wallets that will be disclosed to Holders weeks before its official listing.

All Hydra Egg holders will be able to farm $HYDRA while fulfilling HATCHLING requirements to obtain Adult Hydra CNFTs to participate in the third Project Era, based on gamification.


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