$HYDRA Token

A Complete Ecosystem, a Long-Term Token

Holders who claimed Hydra Eggs will be able to farm $HYDRA and use it to mint CNFTs or buy Partner/Funded Project Tokens in highly liquid pools HYDRA/PARTNER TOKEN in Major DEXs.

A high utility token that will make up the vast Hydra Ecosystem

  • You will be able to Mint CNFTs from Partner Projects with $HYDRA

  • Buy Tokens from Partner Projects on Private Sales with $HYDRA

  • Pay for Services on Hydra Plataform

  • Stake to Earn with a Holder Bonus Factor

  • Provide Liquidity Pools with high APR

  • Trade on Major DEXs with High Liquidity

An ultra-limited (1M) token with built-in burning systems. In all trades with $HYDRA on our platform, 1% of the amount will be burned, all these transactions can be monitored and the supply of the token will be constantly updated. Also, trades for other various features that will require $HYDRA as a payment method will be 100% burned.

All $HYDRA supply will be traceable.

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