Farm System

Stake Hydra CNFT, earn $HYDRA token.

Full Worksheet

Read below to learn how to interpret the Worksheet

How to interpret the Worksheet

Worksheet Part 1

As reported on Tokenomics, 30% of $HYDRA tokens (300k) will compose the Stake Rewards

The table above demonstrates the distribution of these rewards between:

[FARM BASE] - Total farm that can be obtained without any bonuses

[BONUS FARM] - Bonus for the amount of CNFTs in your wallet

[OG BONUS FARM] - Amount for bonus distribution of Hydra OG Pass CNFT holders

Worksheet Part 2

The table above, shows that there are two types of CNFTs categories: Standards (Base) and Bonus

BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND CNFTs are Standards, and have the potential to get the same amount of farm (but in different proportions)

OG Pass CNFTs are Bonus, being able to add bonuses to the farm of the Standards CNFTs

Note that while the farm potential is the same for Standard CNFTs, the ratio each CNFT receives in reward changes greatly due to the amount of CNFTs of each rarity

The 2000 BRONZE EGGS CNFTs, 1000 SILVER EGGS CNFTs, 500 GOLD EGGS CNFTs and 100 DIAMOND EGGS CNFTs will all have the potential to farm 60,000 $HYDRA tokens and a bonus of up to 12,000 $HYDRA tokens each

We can understand from this that the holder of 1 BRONZE EGG CNFT has the potential to farm 30 tokens, while the holder of 1 DIAMOND EGG CNFT has the potential to farm 600 tokens.

The 100 OG Pass CNFTs combined have the potential to give a bonus of up to 12,000 $HYDRA tokens

Worksheet Part 3

The table above demonstrates what the farm potential will look like for Bronze Type CNFTs

The same logic applies to Silver, Gold and Diamond types

How to interpret:

[CONDITION] Informs the necessary condition to obtain the farms and bonuses of the following columns

[FARM BASE (%)] Shows the farm value you will receive in the established condition without any bonus

[BONUS FACTOR (%)] Shows the amount of bonus that will be obtained when completing the established condition

[FARM + BONUS (%)] Shows the farm value added to the bonus you will receive in the established condition

[ROLE] Informs which role the user will receive for having the indicated condition

[POTENCIAL FARM] Demonstrates the total potential farm value of $HYDRA that the holder will have when having the indicated condition

How to interpret the BRONZE STAKE REWARDS table:

Each BRONZE CNFT has [FARM BASE] of 0.01% of the 300,000 $HYDRA available

Observing the [CONDITION]:


  • Holders with 1 BRONZE EGG CNFT

  • Will receive @Bronze Owner role

  • Will not receive any bonus

  • 1 CNFT = 0,01% FARM

  • @Bronze Owner has 30 $HYDRAS of potential farm


  • Holders with 2 BRONZE EGGs CNFTs

  • Will receive @Double Bronze role

  • Will not receive any bonus

  • 2 CNFTs = 0,02% FARM

  • @Double Bronze has 60 $HYDRAS of potential farm


  • Holders with 3 BRONZE EGGs CNFTs

  • Will receive @Triple Bronze role

  • Will receive 0,005% bonus

  • 3 CNFTs = 0,035% FARM

  • @Double Bronze has 105 $HYDRAS of potential farm


  • Holders with 5 BRONZE EGGs CNFTs

  • Will receive @Bronze Master role

  • Will receive 0,01% bonus

  • 5 CNFTs = 0,06% FARM

  • @Bronze Master has 180 $HYDRAS of potential farm

Important note

Bonuses are cumulative

Example: Holders with 10 CNFTs Bronze Eggs will have a bonus equivalent to 2 SETs @Bronze Master (0,02%), 15 CNFT Bronze Eggs = 3 SETs @Bronze Master (0,03%) and so on.

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