Info to project application

The community chooses which project deserves to be funded

How does Hydra Launchpad work?

First, founders who wish to launch their project with us must submit their project idea following the instructions that will be released via the application form on discord.

After the Hydra team has reviewed the project, the founders may be called in for an interview to present their team and the idea.

If all goes well and the project shows promise, it will be released to the Hydra Project Holders to approve or reject joining the Hydra Launchpad.

The selected projects will compete in a vote that will be decided by the community. Only one project will be funded at a time.

Once this process is concluded, the Hydra Team will establish, together with the approved project team, the terms of financing and support for the launch, carrying out the project's DOXX and assisting in its developing stages.

To make it clear. The Hydra team will not be part of the development team of any project to be launched, but will assist with its development.

What are the benefits of launching a project with a Hydra Badge?

  • Visibility of an engaged community that will actively participate in the growth of your project.

  • DOXXED by Hydra.

  • Help with project funding.

  • Assistance with marketing, advertising and launching your project.

  • Security and reliability in launching your project's CNFTs and Tokens.

Holder Benefits

Check Hydra CNFTs for information on which NFTs give these benefits

  • Power to Vote: You will decide which project will receive Hydra's Launchpad funding. It will be a big community responsibility and the biggest beneficiary will be you. Choose wisely.

  • Private Sales: Secure your spot in the private token sale before the public listing. You will have access to all Tokens released by partner projects.

  • Passive Income: Claim periodic rewards from a share on Hydra CNFTs royalties, based on volume, number of CNFTs on your wallet and a bonus factor depending of your roles.

  • Passive Income: Claim periodic rewards from a share on ALL project sales and royalties.

  • OG or Whitelist is also guaranteed for CNFTs mints (at least 1, according to supply).

  • Receive airdrops from everything that is released by the projects, no claim required, all automatically being sent into the holder's wallet, tokens and CNFTs (at least 1).

  • Exclusive Counselor Channel that will bring you all the information and project updates before the general public.

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