Step by Step for Newcommers

This is a summary of everything you need to know in order not to miss anything and benefit from all the advantages that Project Hydra can offer you!

The Public Mint will take place on April 22th at 13:00 UTC and you will have the opportunity to get a Hydra Pass. The drop is random and you can receive one of 4 different rarities: 100x Diamond (Rank A), 500x Gold (Rank B), 1000x Silver (Rank C), 2000x Bronze (Rank D).

Any of the Passes already grants access to the Hydra Platform and the voting power to choose the projects that will be financed by Launchpad.

Hydra-funded projects will receive full support, from seed funding for developing their platform to providing liquidity to list their tokens. CNFTs projects will receive complete consultancy. Hydra will follow from the creation of the collection, Social Network and Discord management to strategic decisions such as collabs, mint date, supply and promotion.

All projects teams will benefit from an active community providing real-time feedback for every update. Hydra Holders will be able to decide in polls for changes and improvements in funded projects.

Hydra Holders will benefit from all projects launched according to their pass rarity, which can range from an airdrop of tokens and CNFTs to passive income on a portion of sales/royalties.

Beyond what you can see

Although Hydra's flagship is the Launchpad with funded projects, you may also be surprised by a rich internal ecosystem

All Hydra Pass holders will be able to claim a Hydra Egg by meeting Hold-based requirements. The rarity of the Egg is directly linked to the rarity of the Pass.

How it will work

After the mint, the requirements for participation in the first phase of the Farm event will be announced.

Farm System, $HYDRA Token and Hydra EGGs

Your Hydra Egg allows you to farm the $HYDRA token, which can be used in various negotiations within the Hydra platform, such as minting CNFTs and buying tokens from partner projects.

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